Epsilon Mu (EM) Chapter 50th Anniversary Celebration 
Florida Memorial University

Greetings Brothers of this knoble Klan.  This site is created to keep us informed and in-touch with one another.  Feel free to Sign In/Register (Upper right cornor). Communicate on this Blog to create excitement and encourage your Line Brothers and Kapter Members to get plugged in.   This site will be updated often!   
We need all EM Nupes full finanancial and personal participation to make the suggested events a success.  Select an event and volunteer your time and talent. Use the CONTACT tab above.

Teleconference Tuesday night, 21 JUL, 7pm.

EM BROTHERS ALL: Brothers, the moment you have been waiting for is here!! The link to purchase your tickets and sell others to your Brothers and friends is here. Just click on the link below to buy or sell as many as you wish. Email Dan Page if you have questions about the link.


Don't get left out. Call all your line brothers now so you can get your table or you may be stuck in the back of the room. My line will be front and center (we got our table already-paid). Paper tickets will be available soon so ensure you provide Dan and I your address.

The Founder's are also planning a breakfast on that day. They will tell us more about it at the next ABEMI meeting, TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2015.

I spoke to the Senior Grand VP, Tommy Battles, and he plans to put it on his calendar. The train is gaining speed Bro's so you better get on board.

Charles Martin is holding down everything in Miami by himself and doing a masterful job. He needs help Brothers so please give him a call. Call or email me if you wish to discuss before the meeting.

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Epsilon Mu 50th Anniversary